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Packers And Movers Pune Advantages

Bharat Packers And Movers is in the packing and moving Business since 1995. With Thousands of Shifting done on
yearly basis, we transport all type of goods like Bikes, Cars, Household, Offices, Showrooms, etc. We also pack and
move factory goods, defense equipment, defense store goods, defense personnel's goods. With our "No Excuse In
Business" motto, you will get quality packers and movers service at reasonable price.

Over 200 Vehicles

We have more than 200 owned as well as attached vehicles in our fleet. So we assure you that you will find the Vehicle you need for your private or corporate moving needs.

SMS/Email Alerts

We move with Technology. Every customer who use our services gets full information about their move status, which is regularly updated.

Security Cleared Drivers

We employ dedicated, trained, security cleared drivers to help you organize your move to anywhere in INDIA at any time - day or night.

Why We Are Best Movers And Packers In Pune

At Bharat Packers and Movers, Our Motto is "No Excuse in Business" & "Believe in the Best". We follow and maintain our standard protocol in whole packers and movers process. All aspects of our packers and movers process are based on our motto. Our officers, packing teams, moving teams and technical staff are trained to practice this every time they deal with the client. Hence, we can assure you that you'll receive 100% quality service from Bharat Packers and Movers and that too at very reasonable costs.

Some of the insides about Bharat Packers and Movers;

  1. We are working in packers and movers industry since 1995. Our Head Office is at Pune, Maharashtra.
  2. We are aware of all the ins-outs of the packers & movers industry.
  3. We thoroughly understand the customer requirements.
  4. We have tailored tools and technology according to Customer requirements.
  5. Our Professionals are trained to handle your goods and household belongings with utmost care which has helped us to maintain excellent track record in Packers and Movers Industry.

Quality Policy at BPM:

  1. ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified Firm: The proof to our commitment is our ISO: 9001:2008 Certification, National Industrial Excellence Award from National Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India & International Quality Summit Award, New York.
  2. Our Staff is trained periodically to upgrade their skills.
  3. Our Prices are competitive.
  4. Our Services are best.
  5. We deliver goods & services on time, every time.
  6. We believe only in the best.
  7. We use safest and fastest mode of transport infrastructure.
  8. We adopt latest developments in packing & moving.
  9. We guarantee our customers with highest quality of professionalism in all our services.


Typically, there are so many services that we offer the people of Pune as you will find out. Even so, these services involve two major things. We are either moving something from Pune to other cities or from other cities to Pune.

1. Move your stuff to Pune

When you visit our offices in Pune, have in mind that we can do anything for you. Here, the situation at hand is that you require professional aid in moving items from a different city to Pune. Whatever the items may be is the least of your worries. From time to time, you may have things that need to be moved to Pune whether it is because of corporate relocation, house relocation, car transportation, or any other reason. We will be here to take of this for you. all you have to do is provide us with all the details that will be requested and every other instruction you may have concerning the same. Our team of professionals will swing in action and do all that needs to be done.

2. Move your stuff from Pune to another city

We will also take care of any transportation need that involves the movement of the relocation of things from Pune to another city. As long as every detail has been laid down and every paperwork is in order, we will swing to action and get things done.


There are numerous services that we offer the people of Pune. These services are varied and in their diversity, they ensure we take care of everyone. These services include the following.

1. Packers and Movers services

Cartons are used for packing. We are known to make every move comfortable by providing you with excellent shirting experience. Our services are top notch, and quality of materials used for packing is excellent. We use cargo sheets, cartons, film rolls, bubble sheets and foam for packing your precious belongings. The important factor in success of Packing and Moving of your household goods is loading. We at Bharat Packers and Movers take utmost care while loading your goods. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced loading staff who load your goods with utmost care. They make sure that your goods are loaded on the vehicle with utmost safety. This process is very important, and we make it sure that the goods reach their destination without any damage. Our Loading Staff is technically trained to handle delicate goods with care. They are well trained to dis-mantle the bigger goods and re-assemble them at unloading point (Delivery Time). They try to fit the items in Truck according to Dimensions of the goods, and hence it’s made sure that the goods reach their destination without any damage during the Transit.

We are among the top packers and movers service providers in Pune. You can rely on us for all your packers and movers requirements. We have packers and movers solution for all the customers ranging from Intra-State Shifting, Inter-State or International Shifting. Just contact us today and relax!

2. Car transportation services

Whenever there is a car that needs to be transported, you can always bank on us. We have excellently built and designed car carriers at your disposal for transportation. The cars are always firmly secured in place for easy transportation. These services are not limiting because we are able to transport all kinds of cars. Our transportation facilities are excellent and highly developed.

We have a car transport process at BPM. Specially designed Car Carriers are used for the transportation of your car. We provide door 2 door services for Car Transportation. We provide car carrying services for all type of vehicles ranging from hatchback, sedan, sports utility vehicles (SUV), multi utility vehicles (MUV), etc. Besides above Vehicle ranges, we also transport custom built vehicles / imported cars as per specifications given by Customers. Our Standard Protocol for Car Transport is given below;

  1. Door to Door Car Transportation Services.
  2. Safe Delivery of Your Vehicle.
  3. 100% Timely Delivery of Your Car.
  4. Car Transportation of new as well as old car.
  5. Specific locks are used to lock the tyres of car in the car carrying trailer.
  6. Use of quality ropes & belts to tie the cars chassis with car carrying trailer. This makes sure that the car does not move on board the truck during transit.
  7. We follow other industry standards for car transportation.
  8. Last but not the least, we do all this at much cheaper rates then our Competitors.

3. Bike Transportation Services

We have bike shifting process at BPM. We use special packing material for packing of bikes. Our specially designed packing material helps to avoid any scratches on bike. Bikes (Motor Cycles) are usually transported through specially designed bike carrying trailers. This trucks are specially built to transport bikes from one place to another. We can transport any type of the bike ranging from usual bikes to custom built bikes to super bikes.

Our Standard Protocol for bike transportation is given below;

  • Door Pickup and Door Drop (Door 2 Door) Facility.
  • Use of Special Cargo Sheets, Bubble Sheets, Foam & Filming Roles to avoid scratches on Bike.
  • Use of high quality packing materials.
  • Use of special vehicles for bike transportation.
  • Transportation of all type of bikes ranging from 100cc to 1000cc.
  • Super bikes are also transported.
  • Xerox copy of RC, Insurance is required prior to bike transportation.
  • Original copy of PUC is required prior to bike transportation.
  • Utmost care is taken in handling of your bike because we know its value for you.

4. Home relocation services

When you need to relocate, we are the best company to come to. Moving your property requires extra care and caution. There are some delicate things like electrical equipment and so on. Therefore, they will need proper packaging to ensure their safety during transportation. As an experienced company, we will guarantee you a smooth home relocation with speed and ease. Nothing will stress you when we take over. The very important part of whole packers and movers experience is the household shifting process. We have experienced Vehicle Teams which are backed up by our branch network. Hence your goods are handled with utmost care during the Transit time. The Vehicles are covered with Tarpaulin and other material to prevent them from any damage arising due to rain or bad weather. We also use container trucks which have closed body structure. The Drivers are trained to drive safely & follow all traffic rules. Our Professional Team takes extra steps while movement of expensive crockery and furniture. Hence, we make sure the whole process is as smooth as possible.

If you are looking for Home Relocation Services at affordable prices, you should contact Bharat Packers and Movers. We assure you of best and quality home relocation services at reasonable rates. The Packing team is highly trained and use modern tools for packing your household goods. The packing material consists of cargo sheets, cartons, bubble sheets, thermocol and foam. Once you use services of Bharat Packers and Movers, you will never opt for any other company for your home relocation requirements.

5. Corporate relocation services

Corporate relocation is yet another move that one may be necessary at some point. Therefore, let not the thought of the stressful event keep you from greener pastures found in a different location. Our company has professionals who know how to handle everything related to corporate relocation. We know how to package and transport all office equipment safely and timely. We are dependable and highly reliable for this.

Tip: do your corporate relocations on holidays or weekends so that your job or business is not interfered with.

We have office shifting process at BPM and our specialist work one-on-one with you to shift your office from one place to another. We inspect all your office goods and provide services accordingly. Special teams carry out the office shifting process because more care is required to handle the official stuff. TIME plays an important role in office shifting process so we make sure to relocate your office goods on weekends or on holidays to avoid any interference in your work.

We have showroom shifting process at BPM. Our teams are specially trained to handle major / minor goods and shift them accordingly. We use specially designed cartons for packing the show room goods. Our staff are specially trained to shift show room items. Shifting of show room stuff involves lot of overheads, and hence we try our level best to reduce it to lowest levels. We know that showroom shifting can be very expensive if done on self-basis. Besides the money factor, it can be enormously time taking. So, we always advise you to hire a professional packers company like us to be used for showroom shifting. We make sure that the job is done smoothly and without any damage to delicate stuff.

6. Warehousing and storage services

Do you have too much on your plate and you need an extra room to store a few things? We offer warehousing and storage facilities for all kinds of items. Our facilities are secured, well structured, spacious, and strategically positioned. We will keep your stuff safely and in a controlled environment. This guarantees safety as well as maintaining of its good condition. You will not find any damages.

These are the services that we offer in Pune. They are the best in the city. They are perfectly planned for and during execution, it is done wonderfully. There is no time where you will find cause to doubt our services or be dissatisfied with them. We are trained to offer quality with no excuses.

This days Warehousing and storage facilities are not only used by major corporates, importers and exporters but also by Individuals for storing there household goods. Sometimes, you need to relocate to new city but you have not yet decided the House at your destination. In such cases, you can contact us for warehousing your household goods at our warehouses. The storage of these goods is cheap as the service is shared by many Individuals. The price is divided among a group of people which brings down the cost per Sq.Ft. for whole group. It is always better to contact a professionally managed warehousing company like us to store your precious household goods.


Bharat packers and movers thrills in satisfying every need in Pune. For as to have the joy of doing our work, we ensure that every need is met with professionalism and excellence so that our customers can be satisfied at all times. There are numerous strategies in place to ensure we achieve our dreams and desires. These strategies include:

  • Our motto: our motto is the biggest driving factor that causes us to give you the best experience. As a business, we believe that there are no excuses in business. When we know we cannot give excuses, we strive to offer excellent services so that we can have amazing reports to give. Excuses will always devalue a business as well as the people. We highly esteem great value. Also, according to our motto, we believe in the best. It is very simple; if the services are not the best, they are poor. We do not settle for good. Our standards must always be the highest at all times. Only then will we be able to offer the best.
  • We constantly update our industry knowledge and skills: the industry keeps growing and getting better by the day. New techniques and skills are always coming up to ensure things get better. Also, new technologies keep coming up that make the industry more effective and competent. We strive to ensure we catch up with the advancements so that we remain competitive. If our skills are in order and updated, we will offer the best services at all times.
  • We always increase our team: Pune is a big town and it also has a big population. If our team is smaller, we will not be able to serve everyone accordingly. Therefore, we keep updating the number of our employees so that we can keep up with the ever-increasing number clients coming our way.
  • We only hire qualified people: unlike other companies, our first priority when it comes to employing people is their qualification. Having an unqualified employee is very risky and can bring down the quality of output the company produces. We believe that you deserve the best not just in services offered but the people who offer it too.


There are reasons why we have been in the industry for a very long time and why we rank among the top companies. These reasons are reasons why you should pick us.

  • We are a certified company: we have our ISO: 9001:2008 certification which shows the quality of our services are up to standard and the best. We also have numerous awards which we earned through hard work, consistency, and provision of quality, dependable, and superior services.
  • We offer the best prices: do not let the notion that packing and moving companies are expensive and unaffordable to the common man. You do not have to be extravagantly rich to access our services. Our prices are the best in the market. Anything you pay will not compare to the quality of services you will get. You will be amazed.
  • We offer the best security and safety for your items: there are a lot of things can happen during packaging and transportation of items. Even so, our company has amazing security measures in place that guarantee the security and safety of your property. We use superior quality materials for packaging so that your property can withstand the transportation process. There are also security measures in place to ensure you never suffer any loses with us.
  • We are professionals: packing and moving are so much more than the activities involved. It is about how we relate to our clients, the trust we instill, the care we take, and the professionalism we display. In everything we do, you can rest be assured that you will see elements of professionalism.
  • Our facilities and resources are superior and vast: Bharat Packers and Movers Company has vast facilities that can accommodate everyone's needs. We have hundreds of vans and carriers for transportation, numerous warehouses and storage facilities, numerous employees to cater to you, and so one. There are no limitations with us at any time.

Some of Our Esteemed Corporate Clients: