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Bharat Packers and Movers is a very versatile company that has so much to offer their clients. There are so many services that one can access from us. Out of the many services, we offer car transportation services to our esteemed clients. This service is meant to accommodate all kinds of cars whether hatchbacks, sedans, MUVs, SUVs, and so on. We take care of them all. Our carriers are specifically designed to comfortably accommodate all these cars.


Typically, this service revolves around moving cars from one location to another. Whether it is a new car or an old car, there are instances where they have to be moved from one destination to another and not by means of driving. For instance, you may be in a different state and you have bought a car located in a different state. What our company will do for you is to transport it to your current location. We do this in an easy and effective way and at a pocket-friendly price. We also transport imported cars to our client's destination.

This service has been found to be reliable and beneficial to a lot of our clients. For one reason or another, it can be impossible to transport a car from one location to another in a timely manner. The next best thing is always to contact us.


Our company is always out to identify a need and to fulfill it excellently. That is why we identified this need amongst our clients and decided to put our facilities and resources in place to meet this need. There are a number of reasons that will trigger the need for this service. They include:

  1. Long distance driving can be tiresome: in the event that your current location and the location of your car are ‘worlds apart,’ you will need our company. Driving for such long distances can be hectic for you and exhausting. Our company has car carriers where we load your car and transport it safely.
  2. You stand to save some money: there is a misconception that when you hire professional car transportation services you stand to use a lot of money. This is very incorrect to a great extent. When you decide to transport the car on your own, you will have some expenses. These expenses include fuel, oil, food, accommodation, and so on. You may end up spending too much. Our prices are very competitive and pleasing. Therefore, do not be scared.
  3. It saves you time: the time that you would have used to go to a certain location to get the car and spend the same time driving back can be harnessed into better activities. Also as an inexperienced driver when it comes to longer distances, it is more likely that you will spend a lot of time on the road. Our company helps you save in all these activities.
  4. It ensures the car gets to its destination without any wear and tear: when you are transporting a brand new car, it will reach its destination when it is intact. The tires will still be perfect and a few other features. It will be put in a carrier and secured in place. This is as compared when it is driven to its destination. When driven for long distances, the tires may wear out, dust may have settled on your seats, and so on.
  5. Allows you transport more than one car: the beauty of a car transportation company is that you can transport a lot of cars at the same time. when you have several cars you want to transport, other than going through the trouble of finding dependable people to help you, why not hire a company? The people you find may not be qualified for long distance driving and something may happen to jeopardize the safety and quality of the car.


Whenever you choose Bharat Packers And Movers for your car transport needs, there are a lot of benefits that you stand to enjoy like the rest our clients. These benefits are derived from the way our services are structured and how they are offered. The benefits are as follows.

  1. Door-to-door delivery: this is a great feature that makes our company stand out from the rest. From the pickup point, we will transport the car to the drop-off point at all times. Just give us the delivery address and the car will be dropped off there.
  2. Safe deliveries: our companies always ensures that every car we transport reaches the client in the best condition. You will never hear any excuses for damages to your car from us. we have invested in high-quality ropes and belts which our employees use to tie your car chassis to the carrying trailer.  We also have powerful locks which we use to lock the car tires to the carrying trailer as well.
  3. Timely deliveries: we never miss our deadlines. You will always get your car at your doorstep within the specified time.
  4. The best prices: Bharat Packers and Movers offers you some of the most competitive prices you will ever dream of. This service is very affordable to everyone at all times.


There are so many companies that offer car transport services in India. Even so, there are reasons why we stand out from the rest of the companies.

  1. We are ISO certified: this is a very important certification for any company. This certificate shows that a company meets international standards in the quality of services they offer. This certification backs up the fact that we offer the best quality of services. Other than that, we also have numerous awards given to us because of the quality of services we offer.
  2. We always follow every industry standard set: in this industry, there are numerous set standards that every company must achieve. As a company, we meet all the standards without failing. That is why we keep rising in rank by the day.
  3. We are able to transport all kind of cars: this may not be said about other companies. Even so, for us, we have put in place facilities that allow the transportation of all kinds of vehicles easily.
  4. We offer the best services: at our company, we use the enclosed transportation system. The car is transported in a carrier that is completely enclosed. Therefore, it will not be exposed to the elements of the world. It will arrive at your doorstep in an excellent condition.


As a person in need of car transport services, there are a number of things that should be at the back of your mind. They will help you make the right choice at any given time thus saving yourself from a lot of

  1. Their registration and authorization: We are living in a world where there are a lot of fraudsters. It is easy for one to be a victim if they do not take care. Do not be too easy to trust a company and especially if it is relatively new. You have the right to ask for proof or registration before you carry out any business with them. If not, you may hand out your car to cons. be very careful at all times. If a company is hesitant to dissolve your doubts with their proof, do not do business with them.
  2. Their reputation: In this business, a good name can go so far. Always watch out for a company’s reputation before anything. The easiest to know what people are saying about the company is to ask around and to use the internet. You can always get everything on the internet. Many companies are listed on the internet and they have websites. You can check the different reviews other clients have left behind after using the company’s services.
  3. Their insurance policies: Any good company must have an insurance policy that is working. You are trusting an outsider with your car. Therefore, they must give you proof that even if the worst thing happens, there is a way in which you will not suffer any loses. Accidents do happen sometimes. But what is the company’s security measure for such cases? Find this out so that you can know what guarantees they offer you in case accidents happen. Your car should have an insurance policy. If not, let the car transport company know this fact upfront so that they can get you a transport insurance policy.
  4. The time it takes for deliveries to be complete and what happens when there are delays: Any company that has been in the business long enough and is highly organized will know approximately how long it takes for such transportation. Therefore, they should give you a specific day to expect your car. In case there are any delays, the company should also let you know how long it will take as well what it means on your part. Delays can only be for a few days, not months.
  5. The price that they are quoting: Price is always a determining factor when seeking any kind of service. Go for a company that offers you the best prices. even so, this does not mean that you should compromise on the services. it is said that you will always get what you pay for. Do not go for a cheap company with mediocre services. Esteem quality more than the cost.
  6. Their mode of transportation: Typically, in this industry, there is open-air transportation and enclosed transportation. Therefore, what is your preference? Open-air transportation means that the carrier will be open thus exposing your car to the elements of the earth like rain, dust, and so on. Enclosed transportation means that the car will be transported in a carrier that is completely closed. There will be no chance for the elements of the world to get to it. As a company, we have all these factors in check.  That is why we are the best choice for you at any given time. With us, there will never be any compromises at any given time.


Bharat Packers and movers is a company that treads on excellent moral, ethical, and professional grounds. Therefore, before we transport your car, we do the following.

  1. Investigate the state of the car: This is very important to avoid any disagreements or confusions after delivery. Our staff will always take a look at the car and check the condition it is in. If there are any concerns, they will be noted down and communicated.
  2. Confirm the ownership of the car: Companies sometimes find itself in trouble with the authorities because of the cars they transport to different locations. To avoid any issues, we must confirm ownership of the car. The proper documents should be availed when requested.
  3. Provision of delivery information and payments: By the time the car leaves for its destination, we will require accurate information concerning the delivery address. we will also require the payment for the services as will be agreed upon. From there, the process will begin.