Bharat Packers And Movers is one of the leading Packers And Movers Companies in India. We are in this Business since 1995, and have gained huge popularity and success due to our “No Excuse In Business” & “Believe In The Best” Motto. We offer a comprehensive package which starts from Packing, Loading, Movement, Unloading of your Goods safely at Destination. Our Whole Process have 3 main features; Safety, Security and Zero Damage! We work and put all efforts to make sure we follow our quality packers and movers process.

  1. Packing Of Your Goods:- In this step, we analyze all the goods which require packing. After analyses, our Packers team pack all the goods with good cartons, bubble sheets, boxes, film rolls, etc. All the goods are marked and noted with Markers so that they reach there destination safely without any trouble.
  2. Loading Of Your Goods:- In this Process, our hard working labors load the goods on the vehicle. We take utmost safety measures during loading so that we can follow our Zero Damage Policy. We try to maintain the Normal Physics Rules during loading so that no small goods are damaged due to high weight goods. Hence, we load small goods with utmost care, while maintaining the balance of big goods.
  3. Transit of Your Goods:- Our Truck Drivers are specially instructed to maintain sturdy driving speed and take utmost care of goods on bad roads. They are specifically trained to make sure, no goods are damaged.
  4. Unloading Of Goods:- We make sure that same safety procedures are applied while unloading which were applied while loading of Goods.

Beside above services, we also make sure that no-cross shifting is done during transit and hence we maintain the integrity and dignity of Business by following all the safety procedures. We can shift your goods from and in Pune. Our Packers and movers services are customer friendly, and we always deliver on time. We provide customized packers and movers solutions which are tailored according to requirements of the client. So, rest assured, you will get 100% quality Packers and Movers service from us. We offer following packers and movers services;

Household Packers And Movers:

household packers and movers

We have special technical teams who pack all your household goods including utensils, tables, computers, Almira, double-beds, etc. We have special cartons built for these items. Our professionals use cargo sheets to wrap around bigger items like Almira and beds. We have film rolls which are wrapped on these items so that they don’t get a single scratch during transit. Our technical teams are specifically trained to handle delicate household items with care. We take extra precautions during packing of crockery items, glass items and furniture items.

Car Transportation:

car transportation

We provide car transport services. Specially designed car carriers are used to transport cars. This car carriers are fitted with hydraulic machinery to up/down the base. Following procedure is implemented during car transportation;

  1. Trained Drivers pick-up your car from your door.
  2. They drive the car to our loading base which is available in all cities. Car is drove to base because car carrier trucks are not allowed inside cities (no entry). Hence, car is brought to nearest loading base.
  3. Specially trained staff loads the car on the truck.
  4. The handbrakes of car is engaged and tyres are locked to truck body.
  5. Ropes are used to tie the chassis of car to truck body.
  6. This procedure involves technical staff and its made sure that the car doesn’t get any scratch during this process.
  7. Car is unloaded at destination unloading base and drove back to you.

Bike Transport:

bike transport

At Bharat Packers And Movers, we have bike transportation services. We implement following procedure to transport your bike;

  1. Your Bike is brought to our loading base either by driving or using a cargo carrying vehicle.
  2. Our drivers who drive back the bike to our loading base are highly trained and they implement all safety measures while driving.
  3. Once the bike reaches the loading base, we pack the bike using cargo sheet. The side mirrors are removed and packed too. Side mirrors are put above the seat so that they don’t get damaged during transit.
  4. Film rolls are wrapped around the bike to avoid any scratch.
  5. Key of bike is kept on the racing bar on handle. Special tapes are wrapped around it so that it doesn’t get lost during transit.
  6. Bike is loaded onto the truck with utmost safety and care.
  7. Exact procedure and quality policy is followed during unloading of bike.
  8. Delivery is given either at destination office ( you can hand pick up your bike ) or a qualified driver is sent with your bike.

Office Packers And Movers:

office packers and movers

At Bharat Packers And Movers, we shift offices. Our technically trained staff knows the importance of time in office shifting, hence most of the office shifting work in completed on weekends / holidays so to avoid any interference in office work. Our teams pack the office items with cargo sheets, cartons, film rolls and other packing material and transport them to destination and unpack there. Specially trained teams are utilized for office packers and movers work. At Bharat Packers And Movers, we have showroom shifting process. We have specially trained staff to shift the showroom. Our specially trained officers pack and unpack showroom items with utmost care.

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